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1. The Tradition

Batik is a product of culture. It can be found in various countries in the world such as Malaysia, Nigeria, Indian, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Philippines.  The most well known batik type is from Indonesia.

2. The Batik Java

Most batik in Indonesia is made in Java. The techniques and patterns are diverse because batik has a long history of acculturation.

3. Indonesian Batik

Indonesian batik was selected by UNESCO as Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity on October 2009.

4. The Traditional Batik

The traditional batik is called written batik or batik tulis.  The pattern is made by using canting, not cap. Compared to batik cap or stamped batik, it has great pattern and color for the whole process to make written batik is around one year.

5. The Royalties

There are several designs of batik for the royalties. The commoners should never wear those batik patterns. In the past, the rank of a person can be seen from the type of batik that he or she wore.